Quick guide to Petra/ Dead Sea

I had the chance to visit Jordan last month, I wasn't expecting much, initially me and my friend wanted to visit Petra and maybe swim in the Dead Sea but this trip was more than that...

We flown from Dubai to Amman with Fly Dubai, we arrived around midnight, visa is about 40 jordanian dinar and free for arabic passport holder, we took a taxi from the airport to petra, it was 70 jordanian dinars, not bad if you calculate the cost of the fuel in Jordan.

We booked in a hotel in Petra, The EDOM nothing fancy but 5min walking to the ruins of Petra, which was very convenient.

I've read a lot about the beauty of Petra, but I never imagined that I will be impressed like I was. After you enter the lost city of Petra the first thing you feel in you aren't in 2015 anymore, the ruins are thousands of years old, but look like they have been built weeks ago, it's a bleeding how mother nature, left us the chance to see this after long centuries.

The entrance to Petra is 1 Jordanian Dinar for Arabic passport holders, and 50 Jordanian Dinars for the others, you can walk for about 10 min, then you will walk for about 1 km through the Siq, which is the ancient main entrance of Petra, and just when you think you have seen enough bizarre-looking geological formation in the Siq, you suddenly come face to face with Al-Khazneh! Believe me you will be amazed by the huge size of the Treasury's facade.
After that you still can walk to see the Roman theatre, the Urn Tomb or colonnaded Street, but later on you need a lot of effort to climb till the Monastery. It took us about 5 Hours to reach the high point from where you can see the whole hill, honestly breathtaking and totally worth it :)

My only regret in this trip is that I missed the sunset in Petra, but I promised myself to come back, and anyway I got to see Petra by night, it's nothing special but walking in the Siq with no lights but the lights of few candles, that guided us to the treasury, was absolutely wonderful, you must do it but you need to pay extra 17 dinars cause it's not included in the initial entrance ticket.

The next day it was raining, so we packed our stuffs and we decided to fly back to Dubai without seeing the Dead Sea, but fate had other plans...As Petra is 4 hours driving from the airport, we looked for a driver who will take us there passing by the dead sea, so we found this man who accepted our conditions, but arrived at the dead sea it was bright sunny, and we couldn't resist and we wanted to swim there. So we had a stop at Amman Dead Sea Resort, we changed quickly and we kind of jumped in the water!
Swimming in the Dead Sea is impossible, it's so weird and you have to see it to believe it, everything float there and it's so salty, that it literally burn my eyes, I was crying like a kid, but I got so much fun!!
In the beach they propose you to pay 3 Jordanian Dinars to put the mud on yourself, so me and friend obviously went for it, and this when the real fun started, cause at moment we finished put this black thing on our bodies, it start raining like crazy, everybody was running looking for a place to hide in till the shower ends, except us we start dancing under the rain. I love the rain so it was the best feeling ever :)

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  1. I love this!! How cute, dancing in the rain! And that combined with the ancient ruins and lot of climbing makes me really want to visit it some time.

  2. Anonyme12:28:00

    I'd like my typical day to start with floating around in the Dead Sea. Petra, of course, is beautiful. Ancient architecture, breath taking!