Kuala Lumpur in 5 pictures

It took me ages to like Kuala Lumpur, The city is famous for shopping and the Batu Caves...And you know what I didn't visit the Batu Caves yet, oops! If you have the chance to visit the city, please have a tour around Sultan Abdul Samad building, there is a lot of museum and a authentic Malaysian style square, if you wanna enjoy food and massage go to bukit bintang, the tropical spa is my favorite one around the world and I have to Thailand before  so I know what I'm talking about. For shopping you go to china town or to Petronas tower :)

2 commentaires:

  1. I love the decor in that second photo! Looks like a shopping square? I would love to check out China Town for shopping there.

  2. Anonyme12:19:00

    Did you sprain your neck while trying to take a picture of the towers? I'm just joking. Is the second picture of China Town?