Enjoying Fujairah when you don't like camping

I live in Dubai since 1 year and I live it, but sometimes I like to escape the stress of city, seeking for some fresh air on the Arabian Sea ...Most of the people in Dubai like to go for camping in Fujairah, but me and my friend we decide to test Radisson Blu in Dibba and we weren't disappointed, the rooms, the staffs and the beach were absolutely amazing, I advise to book via Groupon or Booking and ask for a room on the last floor with view on the pool, so you can enjoy the sunrise from your bed in the morining :)

2 commentaires:

  1. I'm with you: I'd much prefer this location to camping! Much more luxurious. I want to eat that food and play with that huge chess set :)

  2. Anonyme12:25:00

    A sprawling beach? Check. Beautiful sunset on one side? Check. Beautiful mountains on the other side? Check.
    I think I just found paradise. This is my next travel destination.