Sydney in 5 pictures

 Sydney's skyline, view from bay leaf

 Opera house, was one of my dreams to see one of the most famous Jørn Utzon works

 Sydney Harboor

 Harboor bridge

Bondi beach

Can you believe that I wasn't exited before going to Sydney, I was actually sick and wasn't happy to fly for 14 hours, and you know what wasn't bad. It was my first time to Australia and I was expecting nothing, but I was surprised, Sydney is such a magic city, everything is beautiful there, I wanted to stay and to live there, I'm actually seriously thinking about it.

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  1. It is a very good place.I have a very big desire to visit this place.Because there is everything beautiful specially beach's are really very important for it's beauty.

  2. Sydney is really an awesome place with spectacular view of beautiful bridge,iconic place of Sydney Opera house with a great location and obviously the only way travel with Sydney ferries.Just love those places.

  3. It is fabulous, Very hot in the summer, more construction going on there than anywhere else in the world, cost of living is wonderful, fuel is cheaper per litre than bottled water, shopping is out of this world, huge financial area pretty much like new york has. Housing complexes are amazing.Really great place.

  4. Ca a l'air vraiment génial l'Australie, et surtout les grosses villes comme Sydney !
    Moi aussi je pense que j'aurais envie de rester là bas après avoir goûté au pays des kangourous !

  5. My sister is probably going to Australia for studying abroad soon, and I so wish I could join! It's such a fascinating place to me. Thank you for sharing a little snapshot of it :)

  6. Anonyme12:40:00

    The picture of the Sydney Harbour is just amazing. Looks like it's been shot professionally.
    The quality of your work speaks for itself. I hope you share more pictures of Bondi Beach, though.