Beijing in 5 pictures

 We went to the silk market but we didn't find a taxi, we end up hiring this special driver, such an advanture!

 we saw the Himalayas from the airplane

I should have call this post the Great Wall of China in 5 pictures, no?
I visited Beijing during the summer and my feelings are mixed, we can not say that I hated but let's say I didn't enjoyed that much, it's a huge city, crowded with a hight level of polution, the good thing is that we visited the great wall, since this in the mountain the air was much better. The great Wall was one of my dreams, it's difficult to define, I don't really like stuffs related to wars, but that place is full of history, that it force you to come back even if don't want to...

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  1. I have enjoyed fantastic scenic views whilst on the tour,where I was able to visit the mysterious Forbidden City, the heroic Tiananmen square, the Grand Temple of Heaven.It is such a wonderful place.

  2. Je n'ai pas eu l'occasion d'aller en Chine pour le moment, mais j'aimerais bien y aller, même si je pense que j'en tirerais les mêmes appréciations que toi. Des grosses villes pas forcément accueillantes et plaisantes à vivre, mais une province chargé d'histoire sur des milliers d'années !

  3. The appearance and history involving the Great Wall is so incredible. I'd say definitely worth the trip just to see it. And I've heard other people say the same thing about the pollution in Beijing.

  4. Anonyme12:36:00

    I stared at the picture of the Himalayas for a good ten minutes. Mesmerising, truly.
    Your taxi driver doesn't like being photographed, it seems.